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About Us

Click below to listen to Dan Schorr’s ode to Carroll Park

Carroll Park is located at the crossroads of Carroll Gardens, on an entire city block between Smith and Court Streets, President and Carroll Streets.  It was originally designated as a private community garden in the late 1840’s. In 1852, the City of Brooklyn acquired the land for use as a public park. It is named in honor of Charles Carroll (1737 – 1832), the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence, who died at the age of 96.  In 1993, the park was redesigned and reconstructed by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. Improvements included new gardens, reorganization of the play spaces, and a compass rose sprinkler area. Decorative cast iron gates, fencing and lighting now mirror the historic brownstone character of the neighborhood.

Friends of Carroll Park is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the park for everyone. First founded in 1975, by a group of parents interested in improving Carroll Park, we are an all-volunteer group who donate our time and effort to make our park and neighborhood a better place.

What We Do

While the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation owns and maintains Carroll Park, there are many things the Parks Department doesn’t have the money or manpower to do – that’s where volunteers come in. Check out the exciting opportunities to get involved in your park.


Carroll Park is located at President Street and Smith Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Take the F train to the Carroll Street Station, exit at President Street and look for the welcoming park right in front of you. By bus, the B57 will drop you right here.